Sunday, July 25, 2010

not as wise as i once was

friday morning i started calling dentist trying to get a consultation to have my wisdom teeth removed. the day before they were hurting pretty badly, and all the dentist i had been calling were out of the office until august 6th. (i think that's weird by the way, i called at least 5 different surgeons who were out of the office until the 6th! what are the odds? maybe there was a convention going on?)

so friday when i found someone who said they could get me in same day to do the consultation AND surgery... i thought i was in heaven. the deal was i had to get to their office by 10:30a and it was 9a. that didn't leave me much time to put thought into it at all, but i figured why not.

i asked my boss if i could head out, she agreed, and i called the mister to tell him i needed a ride. once i got to the dentist though i honestly started freaking out. i had a surgery a year prior that was much more serious, but for some reason the thought of having my teeth pulled was SOOO much scarier.

plus the dentist was trying to tell me a CT scan might be a good idea because he couldn't tell if the nerve on the bottom right was by my cheek or my tongue, and there was a chance he could hit it. if that happened, i might not get full feeling back in my lip! YIKES.

not going to lie... i cried. :( but i was already there and my mister said not to worry. so i went through with it. all four of my wiseguys were removed, and i have all the feeling back in my lips and face. so he didn't hit the nerve! haha all good news.

the past couple days i have been sleeping it off pretty much. my chipmunk face is gone, but i still have some pain. my mister is the best nurse making sure i take all my meds (painkillers and an antibiotic) on schedule. he's also been the food supplier ~ fro yo, scrambled eggs (bad idea), smoothies, yogurt, etc.

on that note ~ my pillow is calling. time for meds and bed.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

happy birthday mama

today is my beautiful mama's birthday! that's us below : )

i am absolutely sad i can't be home to spend it with her. since she is one of my best friends it's hard to be so far away sometimes. i know my twin little sisters and grandparents have it covered today, but STILL!

i'm so grateful to have her to call my mother, and i don't know what i would do without our daily... sometimes twice daily phone calls. 

love you mama ~ happy birthday! (from my mister and izzy too)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

bedroom bench ~ suhweet :)

as of tomorrow i will be the proud new owner of this fancy little bedroom bench. : ) woo hoo! i have been searching for about a week on a daily basis through classifieds, and finally i found one that i think is what i want. (i can't lie, i don't know why i am slightly hesitant... i think it's because i am not sure how i am going to cover the red velvet??)

anyway, i still think i love her, and i know she needs a little tlc ~ but i plan on giving her lots of attention. 

stay tuned for finished pictures once she gets a makeover!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

goodbye phil

just finished watching the deadliest catch. my mister and i have been watching the show for years together now, and it's so sad that captain phil harris passed away this year.
he's always been my favorite for many reasons, and it was hard to watch him always struggling with his health. i loved watching him and his sons working together ~ even if sometimes it was a little rocky. : ) 

phil touched a lot of hearts, made a lot of people laugh, and a when he passed ~ made a lot of people cry. here's to captain phil.

goodbye good man.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

bug brunch ~ featured

i'm still a brand new etsy shop owner, so i am not really sure of all the in and outs quite yet, but i was super happy when i received a message that one of my photos has been featured in the "gone buggy" treasury created by handmademom!

the featured photo is one of my favorites because even though i found out that it's probably not a ladybug like i wanted it to be and it's actually most likely a cucumber beetle... i think the little guy is a financial good luck charm because he's green like the money that will hopefully be in my pockets one day. : ) 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

mirror mirror part one

i'm really happy with my weekend find ~ new project for this week is to put a fresh coat of paint on this beauty.

it's actually coming from a bar in gardena, california ~ which i think is completely random and a little quirky charming. a fresh coat of white paint, and it's going to be perfect for the master bedroom.

i'll post finished pictures this week. until then have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

jenna ryan collection

i am very excited to announce... i finally opened an etsy shop after a little nudge from a friend. 

specifically she thought i should start by selling some of my photography, and while i think it's flattering, i also think it's silly because i am a complete amateur! but hey, if people buy it... i can't say i won't be thrilled. 

i think will be more excited when i get some of my other projects listed. i have some wall art, beach decor, and jewelry on it's way. so you will need to stay tuned. i plan on pre-posting items on my blog so my readers will always have the first alerts. mainly because i think you guys are so great. : ) 

so as of today the place is open for business. i have to give a little warning, that after some debating with my mister, while the store name is alittlebleu for obvious reasons, everything i sell will be part of the "jenna ryan collection".

jenna is clearly my name : ) and ryan i am "borrowing" from my little sister who passed away. it was her middle name, and i have always thought she has been there helping me out with life, i wanted to make sure she was a big part of this as well.

if you have time stop on by ~ i know it's not that fancy right now, and my offering is tiny, but hopefully it will turn out to be something great!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

timeless treasures find

 thank goodness for thrifty finds. i decided to spend my recent lunch break searching nearby thrift stores, and even though i wasn't on a hunt for furniture, i did find some amazing little side tables.

unfortunately they had a note on them that said they were spoken for; however i worked my magic and ended up walking away with these little beauties from a store with the very fitting name of "timeless treasures".

my original intent was to freshen them up with a white wash, but once i got them cleaned/disinfected, i decided i sort of really enjoy their imperfections. so at least for now, they will remain as is.

now as some of you may remember, i bought another set of tables back when i started this blog that were originally going to be night stands, but one ended up in my living room because i couldn't stand the thought of continuing to have a dinner tray as a side table for much longer.

thankfully with this recent purchase, both night stands are in the master bedroom, and these guys have a home in our living room. i had to move a few knick knacks around, but overall i like the way they turned out.

on the first table i put a couple of gifts from my mama. she gave me the hurricane with the brown candle and the white wicker breakfast at tray at the bottom that is filled with driftwood. the driftwood is from our last road trip up the coast, which my lovely mister helped me collect. i also have half of the coaster set i purchased from beachchik's etsy shop.

i have no recollection of where i purchased the coral candle holder ... but i heart it just the same.

you can purchase similar coral candle holders here ~

and the large starfish is another purchase that i believe came from pottery barn a few years ago, but any pencil starfish would work.

on the second table, it's pretty much the same set up as before. the lamp came from my mister's old apartment... which i have seriously considered painting. the starfish picture frame came from kohl's ~ notice there is no picture? the little gold frame was a gift from our wedding ~ again still no picture. : ) my mama gave me the beachy "thing" that says relax... would it be wrong that i also want to paint this? not sure if you can see it, but i put my little seahorse there so he had a home. the vase is filled with seashells i have collected over time, under the table i stacked a couple of our beachy books, and finally the second half of my coaster set is there.

what do you think?

Monday, July 12, 2010

venice canals

if you are ever in the los angeles area ~ i definitely suggest you take a stroll through the beautiful venice canals. it's where my future house will be when i become a fabulously wealthy lady one day.

i didn't even know my future neighborhood existed for the longest time because i only ever saw the big north to south canal when i was on washington. it was only when i took a wrong turn a few years ago i discovered the little community that is perfectly tucked away. 

the famous canals were dug and modeled after the ones in venice, italy, and you can often see the locals paddling their little boats from house to house. i admit i am slightly obsessed with the houses, the gardens, everything... so until i become fabulously wealthy as i mentioned above, i plan on continuing my weekend visits to dream about my future life there.

here are some shots i took a few weeks ago ~ (pre- new fancy camera) : )

Sunday, July 11, 2010

pizza pizza

once upon a time i made a new year's resolution to cook my mister twelve glorious meals this year...

here we are and it's july ~ therefore technically i should be on number seven, but really i just cooked number ONE! how pathetic is that? 

the first dinner was was a random event, that i know surprised him... and the meal wasn't exactly glorious, but it was definitely an attempt!

my lovely mister got himself a homemade pepperoni and red pepper pizza. i have to be honest and admit, i didn't make the crust... i was going to, but i figured homemade crust or not this is at least a starting point.

it only took about 15 minutes to make. a complete blessing since i was starving by the time i got home from work, went to the store, and then made the pie. i am also happy to know when we finally have babies, that i will be able to make them one dinner quickly. : )

*i didn't really measure or count anything sooo here's the jist*
one bobli's 12" pizza crust
a little less than one bag of lucerne shredded italian four cheese blend
enough safeway select tomato alfredo sauce to cover the crust
one fourth of a red pepper
some gallo deli style pepperonis

put it all together and bake for 10 mins on 350 degrees 


Monday, July 05, 2010

memorial weekend

if you are a facebook friend ~ i apologize if you are going to be seeing some of these belated posts twice. i didn't want to miss the opportunity to share a few of the things i have been up to lately. 

since we just celebrated the independence day of our great country, i wanted to post a few of the pictures i took over memorial weekend this year. both my grandpa's are veteran's, but my dad's dad is very active working with his local V.F.W. he was the post commander for six years, and he has been on the ritual team for twelve years performing at veteran's funerals. when i am home, it's always an honor to watch him doing funeral services or memorial ceremonies.