Saturday, June 26, 2010

curtis winery gifts

last week i went on a little mini vacation with my mister, his dad, and his fiance andrea who were visiting us from back home. (illinois for those of you who don't know)

the four of us took a little road trip up the coast all the way to monterey, california driving there and back on the pacific coast highway. it is absolutely an amazing and beautiful drive so if you ever have the opportunity to do it, i highly recommend it. just make sure if you are one to get car sick, you request the front seat, and be prepared. it's a little swirvy once you get to the mountains up there.

we did so many things in the span of three days, and i took sooo many pictures, that i can't possibly tell you about it in just once post. it will definitely take a few for me to cover at least the high points. first ~ i wanted to share a few of the treasures from one of our last stops.

we ended the trip by visiting a few wineries in santa barbara county. at curtis winery in los olivos, california there was a great selection of beach inspired dishes and accessories. even though we really don't have room for anything else in our kitchen i couldn't help but get a couple things! my darn dish obsession got the best of me.

luckily the items won't take up too much space. :) all together ~ the mister picked out a sushi set, i picked out a starfish serving dish, and andrea got us the starfish bottle tag. big hearts all around.

i really can't wait to use everything. all of it goes pretty nicely together if you ask me. the sushi set and the bottle tag are both by mud pie. i found some other great mud pie items that i am really debating purchasing from amazon. the cutting board and wine bottle topper are first on my list to be purchased. check out the links below : )

Sanibel Wooden Cutting Board & Sea Turtle Spreader
Sanibel Chrome Metal Seahorse Wine Bottle Topper
Mud Pie Sanibel Mug
Mud Pie Sanibel Large Rimmed Soup Bowl
i hope you are all enjoying your weekend. i'm going to the playboy mansion tonight for kandyland 2010 ~ should be interesting! 

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sealaura said...

great buys! I am the same way I love dishware for all the amazing parties I seem to think I will be throwing oh yeah and did I mention I am not that big of a cook! Luckily my bf keeps me well fed and loves all my beachy dish picks.

How fun that you got to explore Santa Barbara, I love it there so much. I wish I could go to their Bastille Day festival, it sounds like a good time. Wineries are so much fun and definitely open up my purse strings once I start feeling happy!