Wednesday, May 12, 2010

picture this


simpledaisy said...

That sounds like something I would do....drop my camera in a margharita:)
That is the camera I have and I love it!! And that's the same reason I got it....a bridge between th dslr I dream of and an upgrade from my old point & shoot! You won't be dissapointed:)
Good luck on saving for it!!

The Parrish Family said...

I think that camera is a great goal! I love my slr!! And thanks so much for the sweet comments on my pictures! :)

Loui said...

I too needed to upgrade..
not for dropping my little kodak easyshares in puddles or margaritas (I've never chewed gum!)..
but because I kept wearing them out from so much constant use!! Believe me..It can be done!
so two years ago I was a lucky recipient of a Nikon D40..(the "gift" covered my birthday, anniversary, valentine's and mother's day events all rolled into that one wonderful gift)The weight was perfect for my slightly arthritic hands.. and I have LOVED it from day one..
there simply are not enough nice things to say about the camera itself..
we were meant to be together..
well until..
who knows..?
warmest hugs, laughing smiles..
hey maybe we could all send you a dollar towards your dream and you could keep eating lunch?

AJ and CJ said...

I bought a Nikon d80 thinking I was automatically a rockstar photographer. I am not. I have a huge expesive camera that I work up the courage to play around with once every six months or so. I'm thinking about selling it and getting a Canon Rebel. A little less skill level required and quite a bit less moolah.