Sunday, November 29, 2009

melissa george aka dr.sadie harris

i saw melissa george on her way into a nail salon tonight. gotta give the girl credit she is beautiful in person. i didn't really like her character's story on grey's, but she did an excellant job as sadie.
it’s all a game, with new rules every season ~ stefano gabbana

pecan pie #2

if you know me ~ you know the kitchen and i are pretty much not friends. however since the mister and i were going to thanksgiving in monterey at our friends house we needed to bring something. to be totally honest i was all for just buying something bc i could at least guarentee it'd be edible, but the mister said i needed to at least try to do it on my own. OY! 

my only thought was to go with the obvious. i would have to make the only thing i have made that he has actually liked and asked for pecan pie. even though i had only made it once before, it still had a better track record than some of my other experiments.

i wish i had taken my step by step pics, but pretty much i was so stressed making it, the thought never crossed my mind. there were a few ingredients that i had to slightly switch up this time, making me a hot mess of nerves... so i only ended up with one post dinner picture. 

as you can see people ate it, and it wasn't just my mister doing it to be nice. so overall i consider it success ~ just in case you're interested here's the recipe that hasn't let me down the whole two times i have used it.
never eat more than you can lift ~ miss piggy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

kelly crafty takes on her first project (part dos)

without further ado ~ here is the rest of my project photos! :) 
 the end!

design is not for philosophy - it’s for life ~ issey miyake

Monday, November 16, 2009

kelly crafty takes on her first project

well i have to say ~ the project was much easier than i expected... and there weren't as many hiccups as i expected. :)
and the balance of this story will be continued tomorrow... i am exhausted!

happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that ~ marc jacobs

Saturday, November 14, 2009

gettin thrifty

the mister and i went on our first thrift store treasure hunt in hopes of finding some d.i.y projects for our bungalow. when we hit our first shop ~ the boys and girls club of venice ~ we scored. :)
almost immediately we found two white end tables for $35 each. they need some sanding, priming, and painting and then we should be good to go. not sure if i am feeling adventurous enough to antique them... so we'll start with the painting. 
there will definitely be a post about the project and i am sure i will have some issues as i am not exactly kelly crafty, but i am excited to say the least. stay tuned...

as the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love ~ unknown

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

red carpet country music awards

i love watching the red carpets and can't help but dream about the gowns and accessories i would wear. the mop on top of my head would need some severe taming to ever be red carpet worthy, but i'd be willing to sit for hours if it meant i got to do it... even just once! so while i was dreaming my little fantasies, i picked out my top five red carpet stunners from the 2009 country music awards. as a chic w/a serious love country music i like to make sure it's known that just because you're country doesn't mean it's ALL cowboy boots and spurs... even though i love both of those things. :)

the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever ~ Jacques cousteau 

oh mr.nixon

when i worked for quiksilver i think i was a lot more in the know of the nixon collection. i was definitely more intent on keeping up with the brand and their assortment. sadly when i moved on from quik, somehow i fell out of touch ~ lucky for me i just recently i stumbled upon their current offering which really got me excited. i picked out a few of my favorites below ~

what do ya think? i see my christmas list growing already ~ and by christmas list, i mean the list of gifts i want to buy myself with the money i don't have. :)

fashion is all about eventually becoming naked ~ unknown

Monday, November 09, 2009

santa monica sunday

even though i didn't enjoy it as much as i could have if i was feeling better... santa monica was looking good yesterday!
My life is like a stroll on the near to the edge as I can go ~ thoreau 

Sunday, November 08, 2009

our little beach bungalow ~ updates

thanks to completely coastal for introducing me to origin crafts i will hopefully have some new additions for our beach bungalow very soon! i need to make sure i am budgeting though as it is almost the holidays and my christmas plane ticket back to southern illinois is always way more money than it should be.

i think this whale chalkboard is AWESOME ~ my dad's wife karen makes things like this, but i just put in a request for her to make me a beach sign, so i think i would be pushing my luck if i requested this as well. :)

love these little boats! they make perfect table toppers!
for the table below ~ i am going to see if there is anyway to special order it in antiqued white. not sure if that's possible, but it would be perfect if they'd do it. otherwise i would have to be crafty and do it myself!
i am in serious nesting mode these days ~ so any little detail that i can find to add to our home is exciting for me.

the cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea. ~ isak dinesen

Saturday, November 07, 2009

barefoot to big girl shoes

when i first started at rock, i definitely didn't like the thought of wearing shoes that weren't flip flops or converse. i have always preferred to be barefoot ~ i like to feel the sand in my toes, the grass under my soles, and even the roughness of the gravel. i guess i link feeling to being grounded, and this is going to sound hippie no matter how i say it, but i also feel closer to God/earth/nature... just more myself when i am sans shoes :)

don't get me wrong though, i have always thought "big girl shoes" were beautiful. if i was a rich chic and didn't have money woes, i would totally have a huge collection for viewing purposes only. if you ask me a good pair can absolutely be considered an invaluable piece of art.

so here i am four years after starting my first corporate job in fashion and i have began the transition to all of the sudden wanting to actually WEAR the beautiful shoes that i have only ever appreciated looking at. right now my collection is small and basically only rock, but it's a starting point.

that being said ~ meet monique. she was the my gateway drug. i only owned one other pair of rock heels before her, but the feeling wasn't the same as when i put on miss mo. :) only thing that stinks is i feel like an amazon woman wearing heels. i am 5'8 and awkward as hell, so when you add all the extra inches i swear i look like a hot disasterous mess.

 after getting to know monique ~ i took a big chance with athena. i consider her to a little life changing. somehow i am more comfortable wearing her than anything other shoes. i can work in them all day and still party all night. not so sure i could go past 3a, but that's pretty damn good!
now i know what you are thinking, after falling so hard for athena, how could i have eyes for any one else... well i thought it was impossible until i saw celina. it was love at first sight. not only is she my favorite color, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE that she has a bad ass spike that keeps her a little hardcore.

well after celina came into my life... i realized there is no turning back. the future of my shoe collection looks bright ~ and i am grateful i work somewhere that will keep my closet sexy and edgy. (my mister is too) so the newest addition is on her way. i should be receiving her soon ~ say hello to my little friend nika.
i have a lot of plans for growth and will definitely be keeping you posted on my progress bc now that the shoe demon is in me... i just can't help myself.

if the shoe fits, wear it ~ unknown

time to start my saturday night!

driving miss izzy

up until now i haven’t mentioned a huge part of my life… our little girl izzy! :) my mister and i got her shortly after we got married, and i honestly never thought i’d be that chic who dressed up her dog and talked to her like she was a person. but that all started and more when i first met her and i just couldn’t help myself. 
she got her first t-shirt within a week of being with us (above picture) ~ and from there she has grown into quite the fashionista. i promise i am not exaggerating when i say she likes to get dressed in the morning. aometimes i layout a few things and tell her to pick… whatever she licks or sniffs first is the winner. ridiculous, but true. i guess the fact that she usually goes somewhere when she is dressed might be why she likes it so much!

kind of funny you can see from the first picture that her little tongue is creeping out ~ well eventually it started to really hang out, and now it never goes back inside. the doctor’s say it’s just a little too big for her mouth, and we shouldn’t worry. :) it doesn’t bother her to eat with it out, and she doesn’t seem to mind. i think it just makes her cuter!
we went through some stages of letting her hair get long, but now it pretty much stays the “puppy” length.
one great thing is that i work in a dog friendly environment. so she comes with me daily to the office. her day is tough ~ she lays on my desk, sleeps on stacks of denim or fabric, gets way too much attention, and gets to play with her little doggie buddies.

after a hard days work ~ our little peanut loves driving home. :)
well now that you have met her, you will for sure be seeing more of her. 

i don’t do fashion - i am fashion ~ coco chanel