Thursday, December 03, 2009

holiday party time

shopping for a holiday party dress gets me flustered every time. rock always throws one hell of a party, and i honestly always love looking, but finding "the one" always requires serious hunting and browsing. i have set myself some guidelines to narrow the selection:

#1 ~ silhouette: 
short (like mini mini short ~ i don't have boobs, but i am tall, so that's the asset we are working with.), one shoulder (trending right now), or strapless (prefer strapless, over one shoulder, but who knows.)

#2 ~ color: *in order of preference*

white (it's the only winter white i will be seeing in LA), blue (uh yeah this is a given... i will always have this color on the list), or black (only as my last option!)

#3 ~ price:
not break the bank pricey. i try to stick to under $300, but no guarantees. if i find something i am in love with, and convince myself i will wear it again, i could potentially find a way to spend more. however, considering my christmas flight home hasn't been booked due to my lack of funding... i better not go splurging!

i have already begun my search and honestly there are slim pickens right now. i need to hit some stores and see what i can discover. see some findings below!

clothes are my passion and my knowledge. i’ve studied fashion from every angle-historically and critically, cerebrally and emotionally ~ vera wang

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