Wednesday, November 04, 2009

why hello

been looking for a good place to start a long lasting blog~ hopefully this is it. :)

just to catch you up to speed~

on the home front: currently working on fixing up the good ol beach bungalow~ i need to start by saying i am straight up a dirty girl. i would rather stop by v.secret and buy new panties that have to do laundry. i hate to vaccum, my idea of putting away clothes is leaving them where they fall, and i would rather eat worms than dust or take out the trash. (luckily i have legitimate allergies that aid in keeping me from the dusting part… haven’t quite figured out an excuse for the trash.) i don’t really mind doing dishes, but of course if i have the option to do anything else, i will choose that first. :) so that being said, right now my goal is to find my way to the bottom of my closet and clean up my bathroom… THEN i will re-focus my energies into decorating.

on a very important side note~ i have self diagnosed myself with OCD. and i know it sounds crazy, but if i don’t have time to clean and make it perfect, by my standards perfect, then i would rather live in a pigsty because it’s much harder to live in semi-clean surroundings than it is to live in a tornado wretched apartment! 

as far as work goes: i am trying to find my way out of the chaos that is my job. it’s hard because i LOVE what i do, and when shit gets tough at the office i just remind myself of that, but sometimes i want to scratch my little blue eyes out so that i can take a sick day. currently i basically have holiday 09 - holiday 10 on my plate and i am exhausted. i will however be keeping my complaints to myself right now as i know this to shall pass. (thanks mawma & Jesus… did Jesus say that or was it someone else?

and finally my favorite subject… love: totally sad that my mister is away AGAIN doing business in cold places. i am always reminded by how much i love him and rely on him when he is here. somewhere during our now 8 year relationship i became a lot more dependent and a lot less independent than i was — this is not a bad thing all things considered. before i wanted to be an island and now i am more like a peninsula. :)

alright friends it’s time to end~

live by the call of the sea,

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