Saturday, November 07, 2009

driving miss izzy

up until now i haven’t mentioned a huge part of my life… our little girl izzy! :) my mister and i got her shortly after we got married, and i honestly never thought i’d be that chic who dressed up her dog and talked to her like she was a person. but that all started and more when i first met her and i just couldn’t help myself. 
she got her first t-shirt within a week of being with us (above picture) ~ and from there she has grown into quite the fashionista. i promise i am not exaggerating when i say she likes to get dressed in the morning. aometimes i layout a few things and tell her to pick… whatever she licks or sniffs first is the winner. ridiculous, but true. i guess the fact that she usually goes somewhere when she is dressed might be why she likes it so much!

kind of funny you can see from the first picture that her little tongue is creeping out ~ well eventually it started to really hang out, and now it never goes back inside. the doctor’s say it’s just a little too big for her mouth, and we shouldn’t worry. :) it doesn’t bother her to eat with it out, and she doesn’t seem to mind. i think it just makes her cuter!
we went through some stages of letting her hair get long, but now it pretty much stays the “puppy” length.
one great thing is that i work in a dog friendly environment. so she comes with me daily to the office. her day is tough ~ she lays on my desk, sleeps on stacks of denim or fabric, gets way too much attention, and gets to play with her little doggie buddies.

after a hard days work ~ our little peanut loves driving home. :)
well now that you have met her, you will for sure be seeing more of her. 

i don’t do fashion - i am fashion ~ coco chanel

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