Sunday, November 29, 2009

pecan pie #2

if you know me ~ you know the kitchen and i are pretty much not friends. however since the mister and i were going to thanksgiving in monterey at our friends house we needed to bring something. to be totally honest i was all for just buying something bc i could at least guarentee it'd be edible, but the mister said i needed to at least try to do it on my own. OY! 

my only thought was to go with the obvious. i would have to make the only thing i have made that he has actually liked and asked for pecan pie. even though i had only made it once before, it still had a better track record than some of my other experiments.

i wish i had taken my step by step pics, but pretty much i was so stressed making it, the thought never crossed my mind. there were a few ingredients that i had to slightly switch up this time, making me a hot mess of nerves... so i only ended up with one post dinner picture. 

as you can see people ate it, and it wasn't just my mister doing it to be nice. so overall i consider it success ~ just in case you're interested here's the recipe that hasn't let me down the whole two times i have used it.
never eat more than you can lift ~ miss piggy

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