Thursday, November 05, 2009

cleaning and organizing~ no bueno

dude, this is going to be a long, rough night. i have a ton of cleaning to do before the mister comes home tomorrow. i am trying to finish my closet project which will kind of simultaneously clean the bedroom bc it's sort of spewing out at this point... but i also need to get to the bathroom and well the laundry at some point. then the dishes... and unfortunately the trash. gross :( BLAH

luckily, i have eaten my weight in chocolate today so i should be awake for awhile. i also have a lot of tv to watch as well. so i guess that's a plus. i am tempted to post some before and after pics, but the embarrassment risk of what could be in my piles is a little too high.

um wait... before i go~ i just saw that kim chick from the real housewives of atlanta singing that ridiculous song. wtf????? really????? really????? i don't think there is anything else i can say ab that. i am glad her dream has come true, but man it stinks knowing i have so many friends that have the talent to back it up that aren't fortunate enough to get the opportunities she is getting. 

k gotta clean~

fashion fades, only style remains the same ~ coco chanel

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