Saturday, November 07, 2009

barefoot to big girl shoes

when i first started at rock, i definitely didn't like the thought of wearing shoes that weren't flip flops or converse. i have always preferred to be barefoot ~ i like to feel the sand in my toes, the grass under my soles, and even the roughness of the gravel. i guess i link feeling to being grounded, and this is going to sound hippie no matter how i say it, but i also feel closer to God/earth/nature... just more myself when i am sans shoes :)

don't get me wrong though, i have always thought "big girl shoes" were beautiful. if i was a rich chic and didn't have money woes, i would totally have a huge collection for viewing purposes only. if you ask me a good pair can absolutely be considered an invaluable piece of art.

so here i am four years after starting my first corporate job in fashion and i have began the transition to all of the sudden wanting to actually WEAR the beautiful shoes that i have only ever appreciated looking at. right now my collection is small and basically only rock, but it's a starting point.

that being said ~ meet monique. she was the my gateway drug. i only owned one other pair of rock heels before her, but the feeling wasn't the same as when i put on miss mo. :) only thing that stinks is i feel like an amazon woman wearing heels. i am 5'8 and awkward as hell, so when you add all the extra inches i swear i look like a hot disasterous mess.

 after getting to know monique ~ i took a big chance with athena. i consider her to a little life changing. somehow i am more comfortable wearing her than anything other shoes. i can work in them all day and still party all night. not so sure i could go past 3a, but that's pretty damn good!
now i know what you are thinking, after falling so hard for athena, how could i have eyes for any one else... well i thought it was impossible until i saw celina. it was love at first sight. not only is she my favorite color, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE that she has a bad ass spike that keeps her a little hardcore.

well after celina came into my life... i realized there is no turning back. the future of my shoe collection looks bright ~ and i am grateful i work somewhere that will keep my closet sexy and edgy. (my mister is too) so the newest addition is on her way. i should be receiving her soon ~ say hello to my little friend nika.
i have a lot of plans for growth and will definitely be keeping you posted on my progress bc now that the shoe demon is in me... i just can't help myself.

if the shoe fits, wear it ~ unknown

time to start my saturday night!

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